Schlachtschiff Bismarck | Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes

Battleship Bismarck

The true face of a warship

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In the project Battleship Bismarck – the true face of a warship we tell the stories of over 600 men who served on the ship. Our focus is not on the Bismarck herself, but rather on the men who lived and served on her, who survived her sinking and those who went down with her.

Who were these men, and where did they come from? Why did they join the Kriegsmarine? What did they think of the mighty ship? Who were their mates? These are just some of the questions we tried to answer in speaking with family members, survivors and eye witnesses. An extensive work emerged which we are publishing in at least seven volumes. Our website offers you a sampling of impressions about the project and several sections of the book.

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Malte Gaack & Ward Carr


October 2022 | With a little delay to the 81st anniversary of the sinking of the Bismarck, our new book Battleship Bismarck - The True Face of a warship Volume 1.3 is published. In it we finish telling the story of the seaman.

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Battleship Bismarck - The True Face of a warship Volume 1.3

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