Schlachtschiff Bismarck | Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes

Volume 5

Complementary portraits

Change of perspective

Volume 5 of our book series is currently in progress. In this we want to add further portraits of crew members, which we have been able to research in the meantime. In the book there will be very exciting stories across the sections of the ship. We tell, for example, the story of the naval shipyard engineer Heinrich Schlueter, who rose from a shipbuilding apprentice to high positions at the Wilhelmshaven naval shipyard and played a key role in the construction of the Tirpitz, or that of Helmut Keune, who survived the sinking of the Bismarck and was a prisoner of war when he had an accident as a lumberjack and became paralyzed. He stayed in Canada.

In addition, we want to dare a change of perspective and take a personal look at Bismarck from a different perspective. For example, from the small US coast guard cutter Modoc, which happened to encounter the Bismarck on May 24, 1941 when it was being attacked by British aircraft, or from the destroyer HMS Cossack, which took part in the hunt for the Bismarck. Contemporary witnesses share their personal memories with us and tell us how they experienced their encounter with the Bismarck.

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