Battleship Bismarck | The true face of a Warship

Volume 2

Administrative and Medical Personnel

Gunnery Mechanics and Pyrotechnicians

Navigation, Intelligence Personnel, Ship’s Band

After long work, our second book "Battleship Bismarck - The True Face of a Ship Volume 2" was published in May 2013. On 340 pages, we present the stories of 84 crew members from the specialist career. Including many exciting stories, such as that of the Navy Surgeon Dr Hans-Joachim Krüger, who worked as a medical missionary in the Westafrican bush before his time in the Navy, or that of Oberleutnant (W) Bruno Köhler, who swapped command with a friend to get on the Bismarck. Click on the book to take a look inside and read some selected stories under the Crew tab.

Volume 2 is about Bismarck's specialists. These were the so-called functionaries of the 7th Division, with the administrative staff, the carpenters and medical personnel and doctors under the Navy Surgeon Dr Hans Gunther Busch. But these were also the gunnery mechanics and pyrotechnicians of the 8th Division, as specialists in dealing with weapons technology and ammunition. In addition, there were the intelligence personnel of the 9th Division with the signal personnel for the exchange of optical messages, for example between two ships, the radio operators, for example the radio operator Helmut Baltz, who had survived the sinking of the destroyer Georg Thiele, and the teleprinters. The navigation section marked out the course. There were also musicians on board, such as the young sailor Albin Eggerstedt.

An introduction is dedicated to each of these interesting different sections, which introduces the section in detail, for example the ship's hospital and the battle aid stations.

All books are only available in german language so far.

  • 340 pages in hardcover binding
  • 371 pictures and technical drawings
  • 84 portraits
  • The history of the Bismarck at a glance
  • Extensive introduction on the crew and their specialist areas
  • Crew lists of the specialist areas
  • First edition: May 26, 2013
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Cover Page 4 and 5: Table of Contents Page 6 and 7: Table of Contents Page 22 and 23: Service in the Navy Page 30 and 31: Ship's tribe Page 38 and 39: Administrative Personnel Page 68 and 69: Administrative Personnel Page 92 and 93: Carpenter Personnel Page 110 and 111: Medical Personnel Page 130 and 131: Medical Personnel Page 142 and 143: Gunnery Mechanics Page 144 and 145: Gunnery Mechanics Page 164 and 165: Gunnery Mechanics Page 176 and 177: Pyrotechnicians Page 178 and 179: Pyrotechnicians Page 190 and 191: Pyrotechnicians Page 206 and 207: Signal Personnel Page 244 and 245: Radio Personnel Page 248 and 249: Radio Personnel Page 272 and 273: Navigation Page 300 and 301: Ship’s Band Page 318 and 319: Errata and Supplementary Portraits Page 320 and 321: Supplementary Portraits Back

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Helmut Baltz


The radio mate Helmut Baltz experienced his baptism of fire aboard the destroyer Georg Thiele, which was lost during the occupation of Norway. Then he had to continue fighting on land.

Read his story


Portraits of Crewmembers in Volume 2

Karl Mihatsch

Administrative Personnel:
Rudolf Hartkopf
Max Rollmann
Ernst Kröger
Günther Tischendorf
Alwin Baumann
Erich Wendel
Günther Pintsch
Eduard Dörr
Johann Eisenbart
Herbert Kuhlins
Karl Kuhn
Walter Weintz
Herbert Wolf

Medical Personnel:
Dr. Hans-Günther Busch
Dr. Otto Richter
Dr. Hans-Joachim Krüger
Dr. Arvid Thiele
Dr. Rolf Hinrichsen


Gunnery Mechanics:
Gerhard Hinz
Bruno Köhler
Hans-Dieter Pfänder
Lothar Böhlke
Alfred Doß
Gerhard Runowsky
Friedrich Karl Stuermer
Joachim Wagener
Hans-Jürgen Wessel
Hans-Hermann Schmidt
Paul Scholven
Ernst Friedrich
Georg Hanke
Wilhelm Michael
Erich Nauck
Reinhard Paetow
Ludwig Potzel
Hans Wald

Ernst Hepner
Werner Bergfeld
Egon Bey
Johannes Blömer

Klaus Krueger

Signal Personnel:
Werner Bender
Wolfgang Reiner
Heinz Müßig
Erwin Poetsch
Franz Scharhag
Erwin Baganz
Hans Dötschel
Herbert Fischer
Paul Lohrke
Johannes Miedtank
Heinrich Neuschwander

Radio Operator:
Helmut Baltz
August Dammers
Walter Gerschütz
Hermann Kühmstedt
Willi Rabsilber
Erwin Schumacher
Johannes Stender
Peter Barmbrock
Herbert Fick
Dietrich Hacker
Werner Heyne
Rolf Troll

Sonar Specialists:
Werner Leibnitz


Wolf Neuendorff
Friedrich Dusch
Hugo Aljets
Franz von Hintzenstern
Heinz Rosner

Ship’s Band
August Wegener
Gerhard Marx
Ernst Rubenbauer
Albin Eggerstedt
Hermann Karl Fleischer
Heinrich Pfromm
Wilhelm Rohofski

Supplementary Portraits:
Egon Wolff
Alfred Littmann
Wilhelm Meyer
Fritz Fabricius
Dr. Hans-Releff Riege
Hans Nitzschke



The sailor Karl Kuhn was only 17 years old when he came to the Bismarck. He served in one of the ship's clerks' offices. With a lot of luck he survived the sinking of the ship and was taken prisoner of war by the British.

Reas his story

Karl Kuhn

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