Schlachtschiff Bismarck | Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes

Volume 3

Engineering Personnel

Aviation and Civilian Personnel

Fleet Staff, Fleet Observer Group, Prize Crews and Combat Correspondents

As the first book in the series "Battleship Bismarck - The True Face of a Ship" our Volume 3 was published in 2011, which dealt with the engineering personal, the additional staff with the on-board pilots and civilian employees as well as the special groups (Fleet Staff, Fleet observer Group, prize crews and war correspondents), who embarked on the Bismarck especially for the "Rheinübung" operation. Volume 3, which is available in a hardcover book for € 34.90, has 436 pages. It contains the stories of 114 crew members from the battleship Bismarck from the aforementioned departments. We tell, for example, the story of the Stoker 2nd Class Herbert Engmann from Hamburg St.-Pauli, who survived the sinking of the Karlsruhe, was assigned on the Bismarck and reassigned shortly before leaving port and thus survived, that of the commander Paul Ascher, who was the first admiral staff officer in the fleet staff served faithfully and even fled from the South American internment after the sinking of the Admiral Graf Spee, although he had to fear for his life in Germany as a so-called "half-Jew", or that of the young Stoker 3rd Class Richard Rebhan from Lindenau, who actually wanted to join the merchant marine and was just 17 years old when he died in the sinking.

The book is available (in german language only) from bookstores under ISBN 978-3-8448-0179-8, or directly from our website.

  • 436 pages in hardcover binding
  • 616 pictures and technical drawings
  • 114 portraits
  • The history of the Bismarck at a glance
  • Extensive introduction on the crew and their specialist areas
  • Crew lists of the specialist areas
  • First edition: October, 2011
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  • ISBN 978-3-8448-0179-8
Cover Page 4 and 5: Table of Contents Page 6 and 7: Table of Contents Page 8 and 9: foreword Page 22 and 23: Service in the Navy Page 30 and 31: ship's tribe Page 40 and 41: Engineering Personnel Page 42 and 43: Engineering Personnel Page 82 and 83: Engineering Personnel Page 84 and 85: Engineering Personnel Page 122 and 123: Engineering Personnel Page 124 and 125: Engineering Personnel Page 240 and 241: Engineering Personnel Page 242 and 243: Engineering Personnel Page 266 and 267: Engineering Personnel Page 358 and 359: Aviation Personnel Page 360 and 361: Aviation Personnel Page 372 and 373: Aviation Personnel Page 434 and 435: Combat Correspondents Back

Bilder zum Vergrößern anklicken.

Werner Böttner


The Stoker 2nd Class Werner Böttner from Thuringia was a trained locksmith. He joined the Navy shortly after the beginning of the war. The Bismarck was his only command on board a ship.

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Portraits of Crewmembers in Volume 3

Engineering Personnel:
Walter Lehmann
Emil Jahreis
Gerhard Junack
Hermann Giese
Karl Ludwig Richter

Hermann Bitterlich
Cornel Dorer
Friedrich-Wilhelm Duesing
Johann Heinrich Eggers
Klaus Hindermann
Horst Iserlohe
Heinz Kloessel
Johannes Osmanski
Gerhard Pietsch
Kurt Seyler
Heinz Starfinger
Hans-Georg Stiegler
Herbert Wussow

Heinrich Karberg

Portepee Noncommissioned officers:
Carl Breier
Fritz Hoffmann
Franz Meyer
Ludwig Schlitt

Noncommissioned officers:
Hubert Behme
Peter Bürvenich
Hans Gombert
Wilhelm Gräf
Gerhard Gränitz
Otto Greineder
Wilhelm Kalmbach
Werner Klinksiek
Friedrich Klostermann
Friedrich Kuhns
Heinrich Kuhnt
Hans Lentes
Hans Luchs
Robert Nötscher
Richard Raven
Karl Ruhl
Robert Rutsch
Gustav van Schoor
Hans Silberling
Heinz Sinjen
Heinz Steeg
Otto Veenstra
Theodor Weber

Johann Amlacher
Werner Böttner
Franz Branse
Georg Daffner
Matthias Dau
Wilhelm Ditzel
Emil Dold
Johannes Dörfler
Herbert Engmann
Karl Feile
Josef Görgens
Richard Grubert
Heinz Hager
Bernhard Heuer
Fritz Hoeft
Herbert Jahn
Adolf Kaiser
Gerhard Kerl
Otto Kniep
Adam Kraus
Fred Krupinska
Gottfried Lenneffer
Walter Lorenzen
Walter Lüdemann
Alfred Marquardt
Rudolf Martin
Alois Meier
Georg Morstatt
Bruno Peter
Otto Peters
Walter Peters
Wilhelm Pfister
Richard Rebhan
Erhard Richter
Werner Rohr
Rudolf Römer
Walter Rücker
Bruno Rzonca
Kurt Schäfer
Hans Schmiedel
Karl Schneider
Wilhelm Schumacher
Erich Seifert
Walter Trinks
Herbert Walter
Bruno Zickelbein
Johannes Zimmermann

Aviation Personnel:
Rolf Hambruch
Günter Lademann
Martin Lange

Portepee Noncommissioned officers:
Josef Kempfle
Ernst Lange
Werner Seeliger

Fleet Staff:
Günther Lütjens
Harald Netzbandt
Emil Melms
Helmut Marschall
Paul Ascher
Karl Thannemann
Fritz Grohe
Johannes Hagl
Dr. Franz Krautwig
Günther Mehwald

Fleet Observer Group:
Johann Beck

Prize Crews:
Heinrich Maas

Combat Correspondents:
Portepee Noncommissioned officers:
Paul Werner Engels

Hermann Dietrich Dreyer
Paul Müller-Haas



Sergeant Werner Seeliger from Silesia was one of the small on-board crews of the Luftwaffe who were equipped with four Arado Ar 196 on-board aircraft. He was a pilot of the T3+MK machine.

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Werner Seeliger

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