Schlachtschiff Bismarck | Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes

Volume 4

Civilian Personnel

So far we have not been able to draw a portrait of one of the 27 civilian employees on board who did their work on board the battleship as cooks, tailors, shoemakers, canteen salespeople or hairdressers and stewards. Volume 3 was published more than ten years ago with a section on civilian employees, but without a single portrait. That has now changed fundamentally. Thanks to the Federal Archives and other sources, we have now been able to research the stories of all 27 civilian employees and want to dedicate a somewhat narrower special volume to them.

We also want to present the various areas of work in detail and go into more detail about the recruitment of civilians in the Navy. So look forward to this completely different area of ​​Bismarck and the people who filled it with life.

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