Schlachtschiff Bismarck | Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes

Volume 1.1

Ship’s Command, Seamen (officers and non-commissioned officers)

The 2016 published 368 pages long book focus on the ship's command and the officers and non-commissioned officers of the Seamen. We tell the Stories of 68 crewmembers, like the Boatswain's Mate Josef Würzinger, who married a few weeks before sailing and died after just 45 days of marriage or the Boatswain's Mate Gerhard Oesper, who went to the navy to see the world and enjoyed his service time. Besides the exciting stories of the crewmembers we present present their workplace which espacially includes the ship's artillery, anti aircraft guns and fire directory in an large chapter.

In November 2019 we published an updated version of the book with 48 pages more and a total of 416 pages. Updated and six new stories of crewmembers are included.

All books are only available in german language so far.

  • 416 pages in hardcover binding
  • 510 pictures and technical drawings
  • 74 portraits
  • The history of the Bismarck at a glance
  • Extensive and detailed introductory text on the crew and their section of ship artillery, anti-aircraft, etc.
  • Crew list of each section
  • First edition: May 27, 2016
  • Extended new edition: November 2019
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Cover Page 4 and 5: Table of Contents Page 22 and 23: Service in the Navy Page 32 and 33: Ship’s Command Page 44 and 45: Ship’s Command Page 66 and 67: Introduction to the Seaman Personal Page 84 and 85: Introduction to the Seaman Personal Page 136 and 137: Introduction to the Seaman Personal Page 138 and 139: Introduction to the Seaman Personal Page 148 and 149: Introduction to the Seaman Personal Page 160 and 161: Introduction to the Seaman Personal Page 182 and 183: Seaman Personal Page 202 and 203: Seaman Personal Page 204 and 205: Seaman Personal Page 228 and 229: Seaman Personal Page 260 and 261: Seaman Personal Page 268 and 269: Seaman Personal Page 282 and 283: Seaman Personal Page 288 and 289: Seaman Personal Page 300 and 301: Seaman Personal Page 304 and 305: Seaman Personal Page 306 and 307: Seaman Personal Page 342 and 343: Supplementary Portraits Back

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As the only son, Gerhard Oesper should have taken over his parents' farm, but he wanted to see more of the world and volunteered for service in the Navy.

Read his story

Gerhard Oesper

Portraits of Crewmembers in Volume 1.1

Ship's Command:
Ernst Lindemann
Hans Oels

Seaman Personal:
Staff Officers:
Adalbert Schneider
Helmut Albrecht

Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants:
Karl Gellert
Burkard Freiherr von Müllenheim-Rechberg
Rudolf Troll
Helmut Tils
Jürgen Brandes
Friedrich Cardinal
Siegfried Dölker
Friedrich Heuser
Hans Kühn
Hans-Gerd Lippold
Georg Soltau
Heinz Aengeneyndt
Andreas Andresen
Günther Brückner
Karl Eberhard Grasse
Hans-Joachim Ritter

Klaus Becker
Ernst Böhmer
Heinrich Hellendoorn
Jörn Jaap
Georg Meyer
Helmut Nicolaus
Helmut Steingötter
Kurt Tönissen
Walter Wipper
Assigned Ensigns

Fritz Häfner
Kadetten der Crew 40

Chief Petty Officers:
Paul Bube
Georg Fehr
Kurt Kirchberg
Alois Mayer
Franz Miodonski

Johann Brand
Norbert Brinkmann
Anton Ganz
Johannes Gnutzmann
Alfons Hanke
Kurt Hendrich
Hans Joeckel
Wilhelm Leonhard
Hans van Löchtern
Herbert Nestler
Werner Noll
Gerhard Oesper
Heinz Reinhardt
Ernst Schöllhorn
Heinrich Schwind
Wilhelm Süpfle
Wilhelm Völker
Kurt Voß
Josef Würzinger

Supplementary Portraits:
Viggo Andresen
Helmut Bäger
Heinrich Bethe
Karl Brenner
Dr. Heinz Externbrink
Alfred Hanschel
Johannes Hartung
Wilhelm Heckers
Anton Heinzemann
Karl Kolbeck
Karl-Heinz Lüth
Siegfried Mühling
Wilhelm Schmidt
Johann Zorn


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